You’ve worked hard to build a solid financial footing for you and your family, so you want to be sure that everything is protected. Accidents and disasters can and do happen, and if you aren’t adequately insured, it could leave you in financial ruin. You need insurance to protect your life, your ability to earn income, and to keep a roof over your head. As you evaluate the potential gaps in your insurance coverage, consider which policies you may want to include your short- and long-term financial plan. 

How Much Insurance Do You Need

How much coverage you need is an important question. You may find that you don’t need any life insurance or that you need a million dollars or more in coverage. 

Save Money on Your Insurance

Insuring something expensive, such as a house, comes at a price, but there are many ways that you can save money on your homeowners’ insurance.

What Insurance is Right for You?

Once you’ve decided how much insurance you need, the thing to consider is what type of life insurance is best.

Life Insurance

Sending Standard of Living

If you become disabled or have a critical illness. It covers your day-to-day costs and larger expenses like your mortgage while you focus on your health and recovery.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Own A Home

Because mortgage lenders need to know your home is protected. It covers you for repairs and replacement of any damage that’s covered in your policy.

Auto Insurance

Drive Vehicles

Because few people could afford the repairs, health care costs, and legal expenses associated with collisions and injuries without coverage.  Auto insurance is also a legal requirement.

Need More Information on What Insurance is Right for You?

When comparing policies, consider how much coverage you need, what premiums you can afford, and where you’d like to set your deductible.

Health Insurance: cover medical costs for yourself and your family

Life Insurance: provide financial security to your loved ones at your death

Homeowner's or Renter's Insurance: insures your home and valuable possessions

Auto Insurance: to protect your vehicle

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