Our Story

With over 50 insurance company members, including global, regional, and national carriers, we’re one of the most relevant resources for information about life insurance. Our goal is to make the subject of personal finance easier to understand. Unlike other online sources, we create and disseminate information with the aim of empowering consumers. At the Insured Hero, we offer an extensive range of data-driven instructions and resources to explain different insurance options and help people enhance their knowledge.

Find The Best Insurance

Finding the best insurance rates and getting the best value on a policy can be a difficult challenge. At the Insurance Reviewed, we provide people with the information and advice they need in order to manage risk, make a conscious decision, and understand the real value of insurance. That can help them choose the right type of life insurance based on their needs.

Once you get a clear idea of how much coverage you really need, you will need to select insurance and a policy that best suit your financial needs. We are here to help you make the right choice. Whether you are interested in protecting your car, saving for retirement, or paying for health care, we will help you achieve your financial goals.

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

We brought together experts from different fields, including financial officers, chief operating officers, web content managers, insurance agents, brokers, and more. They all have extensive professional experience, so you can expect to get straightforward financial advice when working with our team.

Our experts are dedicated to providing practical, clear advice on building your financial foundation and managing your money. Get to know us! 

Shola Akinlade

Head of Auto Insurance 

Jenny Kim

Head of Health Insurance 

Thomas Boliva

Head of Homeowners Insurance

Becky Kline

Head of Life Insurance 

What Our Customers Say

Tani Tondi

“Thank You, Guys! This was a convenient way of stepping into the world of insurance. I would otherwise have a difficult time getting the insurance that I need!”

Kati Jerry

“I am very grateful. Finding a life insurance plan was a great option for me. I avoided insurance scams and found the best plan on the market. Thank You So Much!!!”

Sana Sanhi

The best way to find an ideal insurance plan. Home, life, or auto, you are at the right place! They’re committed to helping people with insurance needs!